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Last Call! My Pre-Order commission list to NEW YORK COMIC CON will be CLOSED next week, and I have available just two slots! So, if you want to guarantee your art (to be picked up into the show on my table -P4- or shipped after NYCC, this is the moment) :) Read the text on this image > < to more info!

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... and NEW YORK COMIC CON 2014 is coming!
My PRE-ORDER COMMISSION LIST is OPEN (only sketches, finishing with marker/inkwash – no backgrounds) to be picked up on my Artist Alley’s table inside the show (October 09-12).

ATTENTION: These are promo prices, and the slots at the list are limited (just 10 request to each art size):
Requests will be closed 10 days before the show!

* Art Boards 
Graytones and Inks – No Backgrounds -
=== Size 9 x 12 “
Close up: $ 50.00 / Half Body: $ 80.00
=== Size 11 x 14 “
Half Body: $ 100,00 / Full Body: $ 200,00

* Sketch Cards Artist Proofs
(DC and Marvel official sets)
in full color – No Backgrounds -
Close Up: $ 40,00 / Half Body: $ 60,00
Fight Scene (with 2 characters): $ 150,00
Additional Backgrounds: $ 15,00

Payment using PayPal!

Commissions can be ordered through 
the email with the 
Subject “NYCC 2014 COMMISSION”.

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Like past year, January is time to open a new Commission List! This list have PROMOTIONAL PRICES and just 5 slots on each category and will be closed on February 10, with FREE SHIPMENT if you request more then one commission!!

It will be arts developed on ART BOARDS 09×12″and 11×14″, in ARTIST PROOF SKETCH CARDS (from DC and MARVEL COMICS official sets) and SKETCH COVERS (with Comic Book included).

See the commission categories, prices and general infos bellow:

* in Art Boards
with Graytones and Inks – No Backgrounds -
=== Size 9 x 12 “
Close up – $ 40.00 / Half Body – $ 60.00
=== Size 11 x 14 “
Half Body – $ 90,00 / Full Body – $ 150,00

* in Sketch Covers
with Graytones and Inks – No Backgrounds -
Close up – $ 40.00 / Half Body – $ 60.00 / Full Body – $ 100,00
Comic Book price: $ 5,00
- please consult what blank sketch covers I have available

* in Sketch Cards Artist Proofs (DC and Marvel sets)
in full color – no backgrounds -
Close Up: $ 35,00 / Half Body: $ 55,00
Fight Scene (with 2 characters): $ 120,00
Additional Backgrounds: $ 15,00

Payment using PAYPAL.

Commissions can be ordered through the email with the Subject “HDR COMMISSION 2014/1”

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Hello, people!
My commission list to NEW YORK COMIC CON 2013 is OPEN (only sketches, finishing with marker/inkwash no backgrounds) to be picked up on my Artist Alley's table inside the show (October 10-13).

Here's the promo prices (single character arts):

Size * 9 x 12 "
Close up $ 40.00
Half Body $ 60.00

Size * 11 x 14 "
Half Body $ 90,00
Full Body $ 150,00

And to CRYPTOZOIK and RITTENHOUSE sketch card collectors,
I have official Artists Proofs to commissions from the sets
"Batman The Legend" and many Marvel Comic sets.
Prices for commissions at these official sketch cards:

Close up $ 30.00
Half Body $ 50.00

Commissions can be ordered ONLY through the email with the Subject "NYCC2013 COMMISSION"
Payment using PAYPAL. 
Hurry up. It's just 5 slots to each size!

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NEW YORK COMIC CON's is coming up!! I'm very excited to visit again the Big Apple, and see again all comics fans and work fellows at this awesome convention! Past year was awesome, and this time won't be different (for sure will be BETTER)!

I'll be at Artist Alley area (Table Z9) sharing table with my friend Jack Herbert.

I'll be attending convention sketches (line art, inked, grey tones with Copics and Ink wash and some additional colors), also Artist Proof official sketch cards.

NYCC 2012 New Sketch Book and Prints by danielhdr

You'll find my new 2012 Sketch Book (C1NZ4), and new prints.

If you'll be at NYCC 2012, visit Artist Alley and say hi :)

See you all there and thanks so much for the support!

NYCC 2012 - Commission List CLOSED

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 11, 2012, 3:16 PM
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Hello, Deviant fellows!

My pre-order commission list to NYCC 2012 is closed.

Now, to request a commission, just inside the show!

Thanks to all comments about my work, at the photo previews posted on my Facebook, Tumblr and here on Deviant Art!

Cheers, and see you all in the New York Comic Con 2012!

Daniel HDR

Just CLOSE UPs *NYCC 2012 PreOrder Commission List

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 6, 2012, 7:38 AM

Hello everybody!

I need to close my Pre-Order NYCC's 2012 Commission List to request on 11x14 Full Body figures and 9x12 Half Body/Full body figures. All slots finished. Now I can accept just CLOSE UP requests on 9x12 size (with greytones and some additional colors).

The price? Just $ 30,00. And will be just 10 slots!

If you visit NYCC 2012 or have a friend who will vist the show and can pick up the piece to you, it's time :)

To request yours, please send me a email on

Bellow, some examples:

Jean Grey by danielhdr Daredevil by danielhdr Black Cat by danielhdr

Thanks to all!

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Update-3SLOTS *NYCC 2012 - AdvanceCommissions List

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 30, 2012, 6:05 PM

Hey, people!

I have now JUST 03 SLOTS on my Advance Commission Pre-Orders to NEW YORK COMIC CON 2012
If you will visit NYCC this year, or your friend can pick up the art to you, you need to enter the list NOW.

Commissions finished with black ink, Ink Wash and Copic Marker (no backgrounds).

These PROMOTIONAL PRICES are JUST to pre-order commissions to NYCC:

* 9 x 12 "
Close up : $ 30.00
Half Body : $ 50.00
Full Body : $ 90.00

* 11 x 14 "
Full Body : $ 100.00
2 characters : $ 200.00

Commissions can now be ordered ONLY through the email
with the Subject "NYCC2012 COMMISSION"

Ordered commissions will be picked up at my Table inside ARTIST ALLEY on NYCC 2012.

Daniel HDR

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[UPDATED] * NYCC 2012 - Commission List OPEN

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 20, 2012, 12:54 PM

[Update] August - 26 - 2012

Hello, fellows!
I have yet 12 slots on my Advance Commission Pre-Orders to NEW YORK COMIC CON 2012 is OPEN (commissions finished with black ink, Ink Wash and Copic Marker; no backgrounds) to be delivered at NYCC 2012 (October 11-14).

Take a look at the new promotional prices to this Commission List:

* 9 x 12 "
Close up : $ 30.00
Half Body : $ 50.00
Full Body : $ 90.00

* 11 x 14 "
Full Body : $ 100.00
2 characters : $ 200.00

Commissions can now be ordered ONLY through the email
with the Subject "NYCC2012 COMMISSION"

Ordered commissions will be picked up at my Table inside ARTIST ALLEY on NYCC 2012.

Daniel HDR

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Pessoal de Belo Horizonte (MG) e que irá prestigiar o FIQ deste ano:

Estarei como convidado no Estande do Estúdio A4 (do amigo Eddy Barrows) lá no FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DE QUADRINHOS, lançando aqui na terrinha o meu sketchbook Again, Again and Again, além de alguns prints com desenhos meus!

Serão 3 dias: 11, 12 e 13 de Novembro!
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Thanks to all contacts and requests about Pre-Order commissions to be delivered on NYCC 2011.
I´ll be in ARTIST ALLEY (Table W4) making commissions and delivering the pre-ordered commissions.

I´ll be waiting your visit!

See ya!
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Hello, folks!
Just a quick Journal Entry:
March have two new releases from DC with my work:

- R.E.B.E.L.S. #26 (On Sale March 16, 2011), Written by TONY BEDARD; Art by DANIEL HDR
(pages 1 to 10) and CLAUDE ST. AUBIN (11 to 20), inked by SCOTT HANNA and cover art by Cover

- LEGION OF SUPER HEROES #11 (On Sale March 23, 2011), Written by PAUL LEVITZ ; Art by

Take a look here at my gallery too (I´ve posted some new stuff there too).


Oi, pessoal!
Apenas um rapido post no Journal aqui:
Março tem dois novos lançamentos da DC com meu trabalho:

- R.E.B.E.L.S. #26 (Sai em 16 de Março, 2011), Escrito por TONY BEDARD; Arte de DANIEL HDR
(pags. 1 to 10) e CLAUDE ST. AUBIN (11 à 20), nanquin de SCOTT HANNA e capa de AARON LOPRESTI;

- LEGION OF SUPER HEROES #11 (Sai em 23 de Março, 2011), Escrito por PAUL LEVITZ ; Arte de

Dê uma olhada também aqui na minha galeria (Eu postei alguma coisa nova por lá também).


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This December my first works to DC Comics will be published!

I had the pleasure of sharing the work with my friend Yildiray Cinar the issue # 8 from The Legion Of Super Heroes. My pages have been inked by the greats Wayne Faucher and Bob Wiacek!

In Wonder Woman # 605, was a short participation, but was very fun make a character who appears in my pages there! And Diana too, of course!

In January, DC and Sony will release the MMORPG DCUniverse Online, and it will be available for sale a special edition with the game + a Batman sculpture and a exclusive comics related wuth the game trailer, with my art, and dear Adri Melo too!

Check it out! Best to all,


Agora em Dezembro meus primeiros trabalhos para a DC Comics serão publicados!

Eu tive o prazer de dividir com meu amigo Yildiray Cinar a edição #8 de The Legion Of Super Heroes (Legião dos Super-Heróis). Minhas páginas foram arte-finalizadas pelos grandes Wayne FaucherBob Wiacek!

Em Wonder Woman # 605, tive uma rapida participação, mas foi muito divertido fazer  um personagem que aparece nas minhas páginas lá! E Diana também, claro!

Em Janeiro, DC e Sony vão lançar o game DCUniverse Online, e ele disonível para venda uma edição especial com o jogo + uma estatueta do Batman e uma revista exclusiva  com uma HQ baseada no trailer do jogo, com arte minha e da querida Adri Melo também!

Confiram! Um abraço à todos!

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Some news:
About my Sketchbook, it was available at NYCC 2010. Now are available only 20 copies (of the 100 initial copies). These last copies can be buyed at COMIC ART INK website. If you want to buy one of these last copies, please contact Joe Gonzales (Comic Art Ink owner) and request yours.

Soon I´ll post new stuff here and in my website. At moment you can see some of my sketches done at NYCC. Stay tuned!

In December, DC Comics will publish two titles with my work inside. I loved to work at these two projects, and I´m very excited and looking forward with it. I can´t talk more about it, but to me have a great significance!
That´s it! Keep in touch!


Olá, pessoal!
Algumas novas:
Sobre meu Sketchbook, ele estava disponível na Nova York Comic Con 2010. As 20 copias que restaram estarão disponíveis em inglês através do website COMIC ART INK website. Mas farei uma tiragem especial que será disponível somente aqui no Brasil, e lançada no evento ANIME ISLAND, dias 27 e 28 de novembro, em Vitória - Espirito Santo. Eu serie convidado do evento, e esta nova tiragem, que terá capa nova e outras coisas mais, estará disponível lá e depois, para pedidos por correio. Também terá tiragem limitada de 100 exemplares, e será acompanhada por um sketch "headshot" (desenho de close up) feito por mim, com personagem à escolha do comprador.   

Em breve estarei postando mais coisa nova aqui e no meu website. No momento você já pode ver alguns dos sketches que fiz na NYCC e logo que voltei do evento. Fique atento!

In December, DC Comics vai lançar dois títulos com trabalho interno meu. Eu adorei trabalhar nestes dois projetos e estou muito empolgado com o que vem por aí. Não posso falar mais sobre, mas para mim tem um grande significado!

É isso aí! Mantenham contato!
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The Comic Con in New York was absolutely amazing to me! It was my first time in a NY Comic Con. And I loved!

Finally I´ve knew many work fellows in person, and create new friendships! It was amazing! Realy!

Travel with my friends Eddy Barrows (with "the Barrows Family"), Ivan Reis(with his wife Katia Aida) and Joe Prado (with his wife Tatiana Prado) , Breno Tamura, Caio Lopes and Rodney Buchemi ("the Serginhos - hahahaha") was very cool and funny!

To all people who visited my booth at NYCC and the new friends that I´ve made in my visit to the big apple! Again, thanks to all! It was so many people, ...
Thanks, from all of my heart! The support to my work and your feedbacks are very important!

I´ll post some sketches done at the NYCC, and some pics. Excuse me for the delay to post something after my return. I´m with my deadlines screaming here  at my schedule XD!


Finally the copies of my Sketchbook (available at New York Comic Con) are ready!

They were very, very good! It´s a limited edition, only 100 copies will be available!

Thanks a lot to my friend Fabrizio Yamai, who helped in the printing process, and all the artists who collaborated with your color talents as guests in some of the arts published (Lubasa Spiegel, Lumi Mae, Marcelo Maiolo, Marcus Vinicius Ribeiro, Newton Barbosa, SulaMoon and Wagner Monticelli).

If you will visit the NYCC, you can buy a copy for $15,00 at Booth #2569.

Copies from this print will be available for sale and will be delivered by post after the event.

Thanks to all!
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Hello, people!

Like I said, I´ll be attending commission requests before and during New York Comic Con.

Please, take a look bellow about the prices:

  • Format: 9 x 12

Head shots – $35.00
Half Body – $50.00

  • Format: 11 x 14

Full Body – $120.00
2 Characters - $220.00

  • Sketchcards

(I have here some limited Artist Proofs sketchcards from Rittenhouse/Marvel series SPIDER-MAN Archives, X-MEN  Archives and Marvel 70th Anniversary)

Headshots - $20.00
Half body - $40.00

If you have some questions about it or you want to make a request, please, comment this journal or email me (Contact website area).


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Hello, folks!

Booth #2569! Yup, where the Comic Art Ink, coordinated by Joe Gonzales, will be at New York Comic Con this year. I intend to bring with me my sketchbook (a limited print with 100 copies), and some exclusive prints to sell. Also take with me the orders of sketches I'm getting to personally deliver to customers.

Local sketch request will be done too! Stay tuned, if you will be at NYCC this year!

See ya!
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Some news:
I´ll be at New York Comicon (in October) this year! More news about schedule and more stuff (like my Sketchbook and some exclusive prints – available at the event) will be posted soon.

THIS post´s about Comissioned Art requests. If you want to buy some of my original arts and/or request a customized art, please contact me, or read my COMMISSIONS website area. It will be possible delivery the arts direct to you at the NYCC.
Commissioned arts and Sketches will be available.

More news soon!

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Hello folks,

Newsarama website publish today previews from 3 Marvel Comics X-titles: Wolverine Origins, X-Force and X-Men Forever.
Look the cover (by Tom Grummet) and the first 7 pages from X-Men Forever #22, with Chris Claremont script and my pencils. This work have the cool inks by Greg Adams and colors by Wil Quintana.

You can see it at the newsarama website or here too in my gallery posts.

Aí, pessoal,

O site Newsarama publicou hoje previews de 3 títulos mutantes da Marvel Comics: Wolverine Origins, X-Force e X-Men Forever.
Veja a capa (de Tom Grummet) e as primeiras 7 páginas de
X-Men Forever #22, com roteiro de Chris Claremont e desenhos meus. Este trabalho teve a arte-final de Greg Adams e cores por Wil Quintana.
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